We've been masterfully crafting custom grills since 1993!

Our store, Golden Jewelers, has been in business since 1993. We offer repairs, cleaning, watch services, along with our specialty - Custom Grills. Our Grills are top quality. We offer all karats of gold, sterling silver, along with Rose gold and White gold. 

Making our custom grills takes lots of work, and there are many options when dreaming up the perfect Grill.

Many things can affect the pricing and production of your grill. Things such as: what karat of gold you select, how many teeth you want done, the market prices of gold, if you have an chips gaps or missing teeth, if you want fangs, and so on and so forth all may affect the final pricing of your grill. We also offer free services such as open faced grills, and diamond cuts! We can make it work for anyone! 

 We offer a rush service that is available 24 hours per day for which the charge is $50 US Dollars. For our online orders, this simply cuts down on the time between when we get your mold and when your grill is finished and we ship it out to  you. If you need your new grill quickly, we suggest adding this to your ticket.